Blake Kell

Audio Engineer


Hi, I'm Blake kell

A student at SAE Sydney. My interest in audio resided mostly in music in video games. From this grew a fascination with how video game audio in immersed users into the game world, often adding to the character of the game.

Try playing any game with the ambient sounds and music muted. The game world feels "dead" in a way, removing you from the experience. This is what I enjoy. That immersion and suspension of disbelief.

Skills and proficient in Pro Tools, both on Windows and Mac give my a very malleable workflow.

Brought about by solving issues in both my previous workplaces. This afforded me to my methodical approach to most things an ability to deconstruct equipment into it's basic elements to repair the rogue element.


Myself, as mentioned, enjoys video games. I also enjoy some pop culture in between things. OverWatch, Ori and the Blind Forest and Alien: Isolation encapsulate the vast range that can hold my attention with those examples being some of my favorites.